Women Costumes

For Halloween, women can pretty much be character they want. It’s the one night to go and have fun while dressing up. Find Movie & Superhero Costumes for women including plus size for special events and Halloween.

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Most women love to dress up for occasions and Halloween just happens to be one of those very fun holidays when ladies can pretty much be anything they want. There are so many fun characters, themes and genres to choose from too. Women can transform themselves into just about any fantasy role they'd like to take on. Halloween is the absolute best night for dressing up. This is the night of the year that ladies throw caution to the wind and dress up with their mate or with a group of friends or family members. It's the time for big, fun hair, outrageous over-the top make-up, sexy vixen looks or girly fun costumes.

Women can be divine and elegant in a Marie Antoinette Costume (don't forget the iconic wig) or do a throw back to the eighties in a Flash dance outfit or Madonna Costume. They can also relive their fantasies of being a Disney Princess. Instead of the long and boorish costumes that make you look like the little girl you once were, you can wear a not-so-innocent Sexy Snow White Costume such as the Poison Apple Body Shaper Snow White Movie Costume or an enchanting Sexy Belle Costume. A classic Cinderella Costume will always get the prince too. From witches to zombies and sexy Police Women to Renaissance queens and Roman Goddesses, we have costumes to fit your mood, style, taste and budget. You will surely enjoy shopping our diverse collection.