Wolverine Costume

Have a thrilling Halloween with a Wolverine Costume. Find X-men costumes in adult and kids sizes. Wolverine Costumes will be a hit at your next event. Choose from various styles at a cheap costumes price.

Wolverine is the great defender and leader of the X-Men Superhero Mutants. His powers are quite unique, he is able to recover from any injury within seconds, he is agile and has great reflexes, he has more endurance than any regular human, his healing factor provides him with an extended lifespan by slowing the effects of the aging process, and he is most distinguished for his retractable metal claws which include three in each hand. Although Wolverine is very strong he suffers from his dark past which is not quite clear. He has black outs and major events that have happened in his past. Wolverine also runs into problems in the lady department. All the women he falls in love with die, leave him, or turn into his enemy.

All men and boys want to be just like Wolverine! Who wouldn’t want to be strong and powerful? This Halloween you can transform yourself into Wolverine! Check out all the different styles of Wolverine Costumes that we have in store! Kids can choose from the Wolverine Origins Costume as well as the Wolverine Bodysuit for kids and teens. Adults check out the Wolverine Adult Kit for a quick transformation or the inexpensive Wolverine Shirt and Mask. You can find officially licensed Marvel costumes in both classic and movie versions. You can also find Wolverine Costumes for the ladies too (see the Wolverine Female Costume which features a fitted yellow and blue dress). Don’t forget to add gloves with claws for an authentic look or the iconic wig from X-Men Origins.