Werewolf Costume

Have a thrilling Halloween with a Werewolf Costume available in adult and child sizes. A Werewolf Costume will be a hit at your next event. Choose from various styles in Wolfman Costumes at a cheap costumes price. Howl at the full moon when you’re bursting out of your costume’s seams in your Werewolf Costumes.

Werewolves are also known as a lycanthrope. This is a mythological human with the ability to shapeshift into a wolf or a wolf-like creature. It is said this transformation occurs by being born to parents with werewolf genetics, being placed under a curse or obtaining a bite/scratch from a werewolf. A full moon usually assists in this metamorphosis, which is why wolves are usually depicted howling at it.

Several songs and movies have been written about this folkloric creature. Modern times have made Werewolves very popular. Recent movies such as Twilight and TV shows such as the very popular True Blood as well as MTV's Teen Wolf all feature and follow the lives of humans who turn into werewolves. It seems we can't get enough of them.

This Halloween, let your hair down and fulfill your desires to be a werewolf. We have werewolf costumes, masks and accessories that will assist you in your lunar transformation. For boys (kids and teens) we have several innovative and affordable styles to choose from; try the Howling At The Moon Kids Costume, Wolfman Deluxe Costume or The Werewolf Scary Boys Costume. Any of these will put a frightfully fun spin on the evening! For girls and teens, we have the popular Clawdeen Costume, Wicked Wolf Costume and the Howlette Werewolf Teen Costume.

For adults we have an impressive collection of life-life costumes that will certainly entertain and scare. Try the Full Moon Madness Costume or the Werewolf Adult Costume. The accessories we carry we definitely complete your look. For hairy, paws with claws try the Werewolf Hands Accessory and to finish that insatiable, crazed look pick up some Werewolf Teeth. Whether you’re the American Werewolf in Paris or you’re simply the Wolfman, make sure you scare us with your Werewolf Costume every full moon.