Scary Movie Costumes

What’s Halloween with out some scary movie costumes? Find scary movie costumes like our Jason Vorhees Costume, Freddy Krueger Costume, Pinhead Costume, Jigsaw Puppet Costume, and Leather Face Costume in kids and adult sizes. You are sure to raise some hairs! Don’t miss out on this spine-chilling collection. Add some cool toy accessories such as toy machetes, chains, and knives to make your costume really horrific!

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Ghost Costumes
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Skeleton Costumes
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Vampire Costumes
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Werewolf Costume
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Witch Costumes
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Zombie Costume

With the witching season upon us and their rise in popularity, it seems zombies have taken over! Major US cities like New York, Los Angeles, Dallas and Chicago all host 5K zombie runs where participants get to be the infected zombies or the ones running for their lives. Last year, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) posted their version of an advisory titled "Zombie Preparedness" where they detail effective ways to stay alive in the event of a zombie invasion. When asked, their director later cited that "if you were well equipped to deal with a zombie apocalypse you will be prepared for a hurricane, pandemic, earthquake, or terrorist attack." With movies like World War Z, Warm Bodies and compelling television shows like AMC's The Walking Dead, we have become a nation obsessed with zombies.

This Halloween, join in on the un-dead fun in a frightening zombie costume. With so many to choose from, which zombie persona will you take on? Were you the high-school jock before being bitten? If so, you might want to go with the Dead Zone Adult Costume. For Walking Dead aficionado's go as Sheriff Rick Grimes or perhaps as the Little Girl Adult Zombie Costume which includes a light pink robe featuring dirt details, an attached distressed flower print shirt, mask, matching shorts and a pair of blood splattered bunny slippers.

If you're not into zombies but are still in the market for a scary costume, you still have several options. Try the Adult Crypt Keeper Tuxedo Costume, the Ghost Pirate Adult Costume, the Adult Vampire B Slayed Costume or the Wicked Wonderland Mad Hatter Costume complete with straight-jacket.