Monster University Costumes

Fulfill your major at "scare" wearing a Monster's University Costume for your next event or just for Halloween! Look like Mike and Sulley from the Monster University movies with an affordable disguise, available in adult and kids sizes. Choose from various styles and excel in the art of scaring others.

Majoring at "scare" at Monster's University Mike and Sulley show us what the college years looked like for these two life-long friends. Mike and Sulley always had each others backs like true friends usually do. They both had aspirations of working at Monster's Inc and luckily enough they were able to achieve their goal, together. It's truly difficult to find either of these fun-loving and kind-hearted creatures "scary" but I guess when you're a monster that's what you strive for.

Join Mike and Sulley in their adventures in these awesome Monster's University Costumes. These outfits are not only amusing but their construction is on-point. We have Costumes for babies, children as well as adults. Kids can go as their favorite monster, funny guy Mike in a Monster's University Mike Costume and babies and young children can go in the very fuzzy and comfy Sully Classic Baby Costume. Even girls can wear a blue dress, our feminine version of Sully. Men and daddies in particular will be a hit in the Monsters University Sulley Adult Disney Costume Deluxe. This adult Halloween attire will get chuckles and most definitely a few hugs. This outfit is great because it won't compromise comfort; this deluxe costume consists of a plush long sleeve shirt, detachable tail and character head piece. Throw on some pants and sneakers and you are ready to roll. Ladies check out the snuggly hat under the name Monsters University Mike Adult Hoodie. This is a great disguise accessory that can be worn whenever you want. We also carry a Sulley Hoodie Hat which is adorable and just as cozy. Even your pet can be included in this family of Monsters with a Hound Monster Blue Hoodie Dog Costume.