Girls Costumes

Movie & TV Superhero Costumes for Girls & Babies for special events and Halloween. Girls have great imaginations when they are growing up and Halloween Costumes give them a chance to be many different characters. They can wear Disney Princess outfits, such as Elsa and Anna outfits from Frozen, Superhero Costumes like Wonder Woman, and popular character from the TV show Monster High to the Katniss Everdeen Huntress that tributes the Hunger Games franchise.

Girls can make all their dreams come true wearing outfits from this section. Whether it is a Professional outfit or a Pop Culture Costume, we have what you are looking for. In this case, it all begins in the world that is known to many as Disney. With Elsa and her sister Anna taking the world by storm with Frozen, these Frozen Costumes have been major popular sellers. Girls have been wearing Elsa Costumes to princess parties, Halloween and many other special events. We also have ongoing popular choices like Princess Jasmine from Aladdin, Belle from Beauty and The Beast, Cinderella, Princess Tiana from The Princess and The Frog, Snow White and even Aurora from Maleficent.

If a girl is not interested in being royalty but want to be a character that has special powers, Superhero Costumes are the answer! One of the Girl Superhero Costume options is Wonder Woman; she has always been a leader in the Superhero department. We have a few different Wonder Woman Girl Costumes so they can become that character from the hit TV show played by actress Lynda Carter or tribute the Superhero from the comic strip. Girls can also find Pink Power Ranger Costumes and become Kimberley from the hit Ninja franchise. Becoming a hero of a video game is not far off either. With our Princess Peach Costumes and accessories, young ladies can end up in the Super Mario Bros world.

The Hunger Games movie franchise has become very popular with young ladies. Look no further than our Huntress Costumes to bring all those dreams to life. A lot of girls would love to be actress Jennifer Lawrence from that hit series and wearing one of the Katniss Everdeen Hunger Games Costumes accomplishes that goal.

Aside from those, never forget the classics are right around the corner. Whether you are looking for Disney outfits such as the new Cinderella Costumes, or Vampire outfits to tribute Twilight or The Vampire Diaries, Witches, Pirates, Clowns, Indians or Egyptian Costumes, we really have something for every girl to bring their imagination to life.