Captain America Costume

Superhero Costumes - Have an exciting Halloween with a Captain America Costume. Find Superhero Costumes in adult and kids sizes. Captain America Costumes will be a hit at your next event. Choose from various styles of Patriotic costumes at cheap prices.

Captain America was born in the depression era. This character was created in a time where America wanted to represent the good men who gladly gave up their lives to fight the heinous Nazi Army during World War II, Steve Rogers or better yet Captain America has become an emblem of American courage. His perseverance to fight for the cause makes him a better man. He was a youngling with little to no body strength but after participating in a secret government project, he emerged as Captain America. He is America’s version of the mighty Hercules. Wear your Captain America Costume with pride and stride.

Choose from several disguises to enhance your personality. For babies we have a darling Captain America bunting costume to keep them cozy and warm on breezy nights. Girls can go in the Captain America Costume which features a sparkly red, white, and blue dress and mask! Boys check out the Captain America muscle costume for a beefed-up look! Men, the Captain America Costume will be an ideal fit. It features a jumpsuit with awesome sculpted muscle torso and legs. Ladies, you will be well represented in the Captain America Costume with its shiny red, white and blue dress and matching red lame gloves and boot covers. The silver mask is a nice touch and won't hide your beautiful face. Don't forget to purchase a shield as this is Captain America's weapon of choice.