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Michael Myers still wildly considered as one of the most beloved horror classic film monsters. Find Michael Myers Costumes, available in adult and child sizes, choose from various styles at affordable prices.and other accessories are great to spook up the next generation of babysitters and their friends. Check out our collection for more wildly

The Boba Fett Bodysuit Women Star Wars Costume brings a two piece mask, armor jumpsuit, cape and tool belt
The Darth Vader Star Wars Women Costume brings a bodysuit with molded armor, character mask, cape and belt
Disney's Pocahontas Womens Indian Costume Deluxe includes Fringed Dress and Necklace
The Minion Women Minions Movie Costume brings a dress, goggles, gloves and knee socks

The Dracula Minion Minions Movie Men Costume brings a cape, goggles, teeth, headpiece and gloves
The Minion Bob Minions Movie Men Costume brings a jumpsuit, gloves, headpiece and goggles
The Minion Kevin Minions Movie Men Costume brings a jumpsuit, goggles, character headpiece and gloves
The Toad Super Mario Bros Men Costume brings a jumpsuit, vest and character hat

The Robin Hood Royal Women Costume brings a dress with a petticoat, shoulder straps, hat and cape
The Galactic Space Wars Martian Women Costume brings a jumpsuit and belt
The Theatrical Cinderella Movie Women Costume brings a dress featuring a sparkle skirt and butterfly accents
The Fairy Godmother Disney Women Costume brings the dress and wings

The Drisella Disney Movie Women Costume includes a multicolored movie style dress
Cinderella Movie Womens Costume Prestige includes: powder blue dress with slim bodice, off-shoulder neckline with butterfly ...
Lady Tremaine Cinderlla Movie Womens Costume includes a green iridescent dress with wrapped bodice, draped skirt, and high ...
Anastasia Cinderella Movie Womens Costume Deluxe includes: pink iridescent dress with multicolored floral accents throughout

The Semi Pro Movie Will Ferrell Men Basketball Uniform Costume brings the headband, shirt and shorts
The Super Mario Bros Sassy Mario Women Costume is a stylish video game that comes with a dress, skirt, hat, mustache and ...
The Super Mario Bros Video Game Sassy Luigi Women Costume includes a dress with skirt, shirt, hat, mustache and button accents
The Sharknado Film Men Shark Hat is a great hat to tribute the cult movie series

The Disney Maleficent Glowing Women Staff Costume Accessory helps complete the look of this great costume for many occasions
The Fairy Godmother Women Disney Dress Costume is great to tribute the new Cinderella movie
The Princess Rapunzel Women Dress Disney Costume includes a dress, skirt and corset with ribbon from one of your favorite ...
The Light Up Fairy Godmother Woman Wand is great to complete your outfit of this popular Disney character

The Strawberry Shortcake Character Women Costume Gloves help complete the outfit for the personality you are going for
The Homer Simpson From the TV Show The Simpsons Men Mask is the great costume accessory to finish off the outfit of America's ...
Finish off your costume of the popular Springfield character with our Bart Simpson of The TV Show The Simpsons Men Mask
Your new Elsa Costume from the movie Frozen will look way more convincing if you wear this Disney licensed Elsa Wig for Women

This shoulder-length curly blonde wig features an elegant braid over the top and makes preparing your Cinderella Costume ...
Cinderella Movie Womens Costume Deluxe is a beautiful light blue gown that ends around the knees
Dorothy from the Wizard Of Oz is gorgeous but classy, and so is this Dorothy Costume, which includes a gingham dress and ...
Your Fairy Godmother has arrived just in time to give you this lovely Cinderella Costume complete with a shimmering blue ...

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Halloween would not be the same without "Michael Meyers", so if you really want to give your friends the scare of their lives, pick up a Mike Meyers costume (or mask) and I assure you, scaring them as well as strangers will be very easy to do. Back in late 70's early 80's, a horror movie titled "Halloween" hit the theaters and introduced the world to Michael Myers, a character described as embodying pure evil, almost a supernatural force of nature. An evil force that's loose and that is un-killable. As a child of six years old, Michael was admitted into a psychiatric hospital for the murder of his older sister, Judith Myers. After nearly 15 years of confinement, Myers broke out of the asylum and, for 23 years, hunted down and eventually murdered his younger sister Laurie Strode and the rest of his family. Myers also killed several neighborhood teens and basically anyone in his path.

The Halloween movies were extremely successful and created several sequels. Actress Jamie Lee Curtis played Laurie Strode. Halloween became one of the most popular slasher films and Mike Meyers (originally referred to as "The Shape" in the first movie) became known as one of the most recognizable and iconic horror movie characters to date. Find all kind of Horror Movie Costumes and accessories great to spook up the next generation of babysitters and their friends. Check out a collection for more wildly Horror Movie Costumes that will have your friends shrieking in a corner, just grab a Michael Meyers over the head latex mask and have a Happy Halloween!

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